Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Turkey Time!

So yesterday morning, I was in the kitchen getting Josephine a cup of milk when I glanced out the back window to find these three (what seemed to be dinosaurs at the time!) pecking at seed in the stump! We always put seed out for the birds and squirrels and these 2 toms and 1 hen showed up for a taste too. I snapped 2 shots through the glass but as soon as I tried to slide it open they got spooked and took off. I was impressed by how well they flew... the two toms were long gone right away but the hen stopped on a nearby branch for a moment before flying off.

I had never photographed through glass before (although I do remember Brad telling me this is how he does it in his yard.) Had I known how well the images would turn out even through the glass I never would have attempted to open it in the first place! Another lesson learned but really neat to see them so close. More whitetail deer tomorrow, unless something else unusual comes a knockin'!


  1. So beautiful! They look so pretty in the snow.

  2. Awesome Heather! I think I would have jumped for joy to look out and see turkeys in my yard but to be in the snow and then a tree is just fantastic.

    Remember keep that window closed or the cat will escape again, and I don't think it wants to tangle with a turkey.

  3. i agree with Marci he said right... its really lookin beautiful in snow. thanks for sharing this with us.