Tuesday, December 29, 2009

As Promised... Fred & Friend!

After spending 2 days with Fred (Bull #36) and his new buddy, I am curious as to how long the two have been "hanging out" together. Has anybody else seen them in town like this? They were nearly inseparable except when Fred was napping, which he did much more of than the other bull. That's when the younger of the two would roam the town himself feeding, relaxing, and posing for us but he never strayed too far from his sleeping elder. I know Fred spent the summer with a spike nearby but I did not see tat one around this trip.

As I previously stated, Fred does seem to be experiencing some difficulty with mobility due to the cold temperatures. When he would first get up, walking looked painful, but once he got moving he seemed to loosen up a bit. He did travel all across town on both days and did not stay secluded to one small area which is what many animals will do when they are not faring well, so this is a good sign.

If anybody recognizes the other bull, please let me know! I am terrible with recognizing and remembering names since they often get other nicknames as well. Thank you!

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  1. I have really enjoyed the photos from your SNP trip and the elk. I have not seen the rescued elk since the day of the swing incident. It is good to see that he is well.

    I don't know if Fred's sidekick has an official name or not, but Buckwheat said that he saw a bull on your blog that he calls "Mr. Attitude" because of course he has an "attitude"! I looked at your blog when I got back home and thought that it had to be your header photo he was talking about. This is the same bull so at least that is Buckwheat's name for him.