Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sifting through Shenandoah

Well I decided that rather than try to pick my favorite shots from the trip to SNP, I am just going to post 2 a day in the order I shot them, unless of course I am able to get some new photographs to mix in in which case I will do just that!

The first one here was also the first click of the day and I had forgotten to take the camera off manual from when I let Josephine attempt to take a picture of Madeline which set the flash off. I actually love how the flash illuminated the doe but don't typically shoot with a flash as I never want to scare the animals. As soon as I looked down at my screen, I was in excitement mode since our last trip to SNP yielded not a single sighting let alone a photo.

In the second shot, I liked the way the grasses in the foreground "decorated" this doe. I am excited to share more whitetail photos as the days go on and just want to thank all of you that either comment on my work or share your own on your personal blogs. I have learned so much since joining Blogger and with people like Willard and Coy always teaching me new things about the animals I am capturing and Brad giving me such great photography advice I feel very lucky to have "met" such willing mentors. Thank you all, I hope your scheduled outings in the snow bring great images that you will continue to share!

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