Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Swing Set Rescue Bull Thriving

This series of photos begins at the stop sign on Medix Run by the Elk Country Store on Sunday. December 26th. After a very successful elk viewing day, we were leaving a herd that we had been watching in a yard near the store when Anthony noticed an elk on the hillside above us. We turned around and watched as he descended down the steep terrain and across the road. As soon as I laid eyes on him I knew I recognized him from Brad Myers' and Willard Hill's blogs from earlier this year. They documented this bulls rescue from an entanglement in a swing set where his damaged antler had to be removed. There was fear that he might suffer from trauma-related complications and until seeing him for myself I had not heard of any updates on his status. Well here he is... not only alive but thriving! He appeared strong and agile while maneuvering down the hill and across the river to meet up with the herd we had been observing. I had watched the video of his dramatic rescue and am happy to give an update on his status.

I did not take much time to edit these photos as I just wanted to get them posted for those involved with his rescue to see. I know there is a way I can tweak the color of the water in Photoshop to be more appealing but I have never done it before and am still trying to figure it out so maybe my next water crossing shots will be prettier.

I also wanted to give an update on Fred... it appears he has a buddy in town this winter. He and another younger bull with a stunningly beautiful (yet not huge) set of antlers were practically inseparable for the two days we were there. Marci has informed me that last year he was accompanied by another bull named "Snowy" so I am not sure if this is the same one or not. I will be posting pictures of him tomorrow so if you recognize him, please let me know. This bull was wonderful to photograph, and his antler coloration was absolutely beautiful. Fred seemed to be having some trouble walking, it definitely appeared his arthritis was making getting around difficult in the cold weather but he was all over town on both days and seems to be faring relatively well given his age and speculated arthritis.

I will try to mix the Benezette photographs and the Shenandoah ones to keep a variety but Fred and friend tomorrow then back to the deer.

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  1. Heather, it is great to see this bull. You really made out catching him in the water. Some things just make wildlife photos better and crossing the water is one of them.