Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tons of turkeys... and a deer too

An early wake-up and 12 degree temperatures set the tone for a somewhat uneventful morning at Boyce. I set out in search of the young deer I have been so lovingly calling "Fuzzy" lately due to his extra soft appearance. Unfortunately Fuzzy did not come to meet me as he has in my past few visits. I did get to see about 6 doe and 1 youngster (pictured above) but for whatever reason, none of my photographs turned out very well.

I have to admit that my frustration is mounting... distorted images are beginning to haunt me! I will continue working with what I have and trying to dissect my technique to figure out what the heck I am doing wrong, but at the end of the day my inexperience coupled with low-quality equipment seems to be a recipe for disappointment. In the meantime, I will keep saving up my change while admiring the work of some of my favorite nature photographers/videographers and learn as much as I can from them!

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