Monday, December 7, 2009

After an incredible close encounter with the 2 biggest bucks I have ever seen in person last night, I set out early this morning in an attempt to track them down again. Unfortunately, our unplanned drive after drill yesterday left me without my camera and without what could have been some great shots!

Although I didn't find them again this morning, I was greeted by a friendly doe that was not bothered by my presence. She wasn't exactly cooperative with her surroundings leaving me little opportunity to photograph her, but it was nice just to stand and watch. I also had some fun with a youngster who was very curious. The little guy spent about 20 minutes circling around me while eating, playing, and grooming. The brush again made it difficult to photograph but with the sun directly above I eventually did get one to remember him by.

This was only my second time shooting in RAW and I am definately glad I am learning this way because those extra little touches done in Bridge make a huge difference!

Thank you all for your advice and support, I am working hard toward getting my D90 and new lenses in the future, but in the meantime am committed to enhancing my composiiton and learning Photoshop techniques.

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