Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another Deer Day!

I started off another morning with a sunrise run to see my good friends, the whitetail deer of Boyce Park. After parking my car and starting down the hill, I was immediately greeted by my little buddy from yesterday morning! He was, what seemed to be, chasing his shadow around on an old abandoned basketball court! This little one was just as friendly, playful, and curious as yesterday so I ended up sepnding just about all the time I had watching him. There was quite a steep hill between us which is why the images are not at sharp as I'd like, but these experiences with wildlife are by far more valuable to me than capturing them perfectly on camera. A herd of 8 doe came running by him in the neighboring field so he hopped over to join them for a bit then wandered behind as they moved on.

With my time just about up and my fingers getting numb, I caught a glimpse of another doe relaxing by the pond. Deer/elk/moose near water are tied with horizon/silouhette shots as my favorite positioning for photography! I clicked a few times then had to be on my way.

I am hoping to continue my morning visits when I can over the holiday break so there should be more whitetail deer to come!

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