Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blogger Support

Well after a long night of recovering what I could so far, I learned that my Blogger account was "hacked" by the support team. I am shocked that my little photo blog would be targeted but several of my posts were altered and deleted. I spent a good while recovering what I could but some of the longer ones would take far too long to re-type. A friend of mine was able to find many of them stored in cookies or something that I have no knowledge of but Blogger will not alloy copy and paste in certain areas so I will not be taking the time to re-type all of those.

If you notice a particular post is missing, please bring it to my attention and I will attempt to address it. I am on Winter Break from school but have no plans to spend it re-posting old stuff because somebody decided to get creative with my blog. Just another example of how crazy people get around the holidays!

5 days ago my sister was shopping in JC Pennys for Christmas presents for my girls. She had her arms full of clothes for them and when she went to pay her purse was missing. A review of the security tapes by the police determined the women next to her at the rack actually cut the strap of her purse but since she had so many items she never even felt it. I would also like to point out that it was exactly 2 years ago that my brand new car was broken into in the Giant Eagle parking lot. I literally ran in to purchase a single item (diapers!) and came back to find my door pryed, window broken, and diaper bag and book bags stolen. I was on my way home from my last final exam of the semester.

Luckily nobody was hurt in any of these stories but I am very disappointed that somebody would taint such a positive blog for no good reason. Don't they say this is the most wonderful time of the year? :)


  1. I am sorry these things happened. As a city firefighter for the last 24 years I have seen so many of these bad things happen that I have lost hope for people in many ways. It makes retirement look so good. The photographing of wildlife has given me the chance to meet many decent people and restore some hope. I have to ask, you said the support team hacked into you account and did the damage. Who would that be? I am glad you decided to keep blogging, it will be fun to watch you grow as a photographer.

  2. Oh no, the support team didn't do the hacking... I contacted them about what was going on and they said it had been hacked. I guess I totally worded that wrong haha!