Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Moment to Remember

When we arrived at the Gilbert Viewing Area our last day, we initially saw no elk. Upon further inspection, we spotted a large herd in the distance. Immediately we zipped up our jackets and headed out on an hour-long hike to get a closer look. Being that there is very little guidance as to where the public is allowed to go and where not, we were somewhat worried about getting in trouble so we just followed the path our guide took us on when we went on our day-long trek to celebrate our anniversary. If any of you have more knowledge as to where and where not we can go, please share! There are signs in some areas stating no admittance without some sort of mine training but this is where our guide took us so we really weren't sure. I e-mailed him when we got home and he just said to stay off of the rusty-colored areas.

Anyway, as we came to the crest of the hill, we looked up to find a stunning sight that just could not be captured on film (although I did try!) The perfect silence and having all of the herd members looking right at us was indescribable. We took care not to disturb them (especially since the spike was very aware of our presence) snapped just a few pictures and turned back. It was a moment will will never forget and I am making this memory my last post for 2009.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year... I thank you for your support, direction, advice and most of all friendship through our blogs and our common love of the Pennsylvania Elk Herd and all wildlife in general. Looking forward to reading all your blogs in 2010!

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