Sunday, December 13, 2009

A little action, and a lot of studying

I took this photo yesterday morning when I went looking for my little fuzzy deer friend but didn't originally post it due to lack of sharpness. Last night after a long day of studying and reading blogs and e-mails, I was flipping through a "how to" nature photography book. There was an entire section dedicated to action shots and the author went into great detail on how much he loves the blurred look of action taken at slow speeds. I got to thinking and realized that although I didn't use this photo because it was imperfect to me, others may enjoy the style... so here it is!

A small herd of deer came running across the road as I was walking up and I caught this doe in mid-air. It was a cold, mostly uneventful morning but was just what I needed before settling in for study session after study session. Well I'm back at it again today!

Tomorrow is my nursing final... if I pass then I will only have 1 more semester before my journey through nursing school comes to an end. Expected graduation date in May 5th so please say a prayer for me... my family has all sacrificed so much to support me in both my military career and my quest to become an RN. As much as I do miss dental hygiene at times, I am excited about my new endeavor in taking care of the whole person and not just their teeth anymore. Thank you all for your words of encouragement, they have been so motivational throughout this extremely difficult semester!


  1. Good luck on the exam and thanks so much for your help!

  2. Good luck Heather, I am sure you can not wait until May 5 but we all know time flys and it will pass before you know it.

    I did not forget about the DVD, my wife is in the process of switching systems for us and getting us back up and running so I need to wait for us to get up to speed.

    I just commented on some one else blog about photos the way they were taken and what was done with them after they were downloaded. There was a time I worried about people looking at mine and saying they were bad or he does not know what he is doing (I don't most of the time). Often I looked at other blogs or sites and wished mine looked like that. But then I came to realize that I was the only one that needed to be happy with my photos. More importantly I learned that it was not even the photo that counted but the experience I had with family, friends or alone in seeing the wildlife and taking the photo.

    I guess what I am trying to say is don't get worried about your photos, we will keep coming back and looking because it is all about the content and experience not the technicalities of the image.

    Keep shooting, Brad