Sunday, November 15, 2009

Not the weekend for elk

Well, we just returned from our weekend trip to Benezette for the most unsuccessful elk watching to date. We were able to track down a few cows with a spike in town last night then found a bachelor group of 6 bulls behind some houses just outside of town this morning. Due to heavy fog, there are no photographs to document this trip nor the bull fight we witnessed at sunrise, but it was exciting nonetheless! To even further my disappointment, Fred was nowhere to be found either. We made several laps through town over the two days with no luck. Maybe all the hunters and gun shots, post-rut feeding needs, post elk hunt stress, and it being November all came into play this trip.

Not seeing the numbers of elk we are used to, we spent our time travelling new roads and took the drive up Grey Hill for some beautiful scenery. My in-laws seemed to enjoy their time there and hope to go back again when snow is covering. Although different, it was another amazing trip to Benezette and special thanks to Marci for recommending the Elk Country Store... they definitely added to our home decor and wardrobes this weekend! Ken was incredibly nice and that little store was so charming.

No elk photos to post, but this is "The Cross" on Grey Hill, once the fog lifted I did get a quick shot of it.


  1. Sorry the trip was disappointing, Heather. Hopefully future trips will turn out better. I don't know when I'll get back to Elk Country, but I definitely want to make at least one winter trip.

  2. So sorry you didn't see Fred. We have made quite a few trips in which we did not see him and that is always disappointing.
    I've been to Benezette many times and have never seen the cross! I will have to look for it in the spring.
    So glad you love the store! It's one of my favorite places in Benezette/Medix Run.