Sunday, October 18, 2009

You may recognize this friend!


  1. Just saw him (Fred Jr.) a couple of days ago and he's not looking too well. They claim he is blind in one eye. He seemed "distant", a little confused with all of the people around him. It made me very sad to see him this way. I found him up in the woods on Monday and went up to have time with him without a bunch of people around. He was lying down, chewing his cud.
    Also, the 9x8 that was just killed had spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the yard of the place we were staying. He was so kind and so tame. I took hundreds of photos of him and spent time with him in the yard. I named him Fred lll, because he had so many of Fred Jr's characteristics. I am horrified to learn he was killed. I was wondering why he did not come back to visit again on Monday.
    It makes me wonder, what's the point to go there and enjoy these animals, just to have them killed the next day?
    If they keep taking the monster bulls, it will effect the health and size of the future elk. It will also effect tourism, because people don't like to hear that the elk they just enjoy watching was killed.